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Wence Naywoar
Independant, unbiased, an open platform for news, information & entertainment. We are not affiliated with any political group or their views. Gaijatra.com stands unbiased providing an open platform to all.

Gaijatra.com is place to raise your voice (on any issues) and a place to be heard. We impose no restriction on what you can write/share and what not except appropriate use of offenssive content if you chose to do so and if you feel the relative necessity.

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    Uni. of Nebraska at Kearny B.Sc.
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    Tribhuban University M.A.

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    Uni. of Chicago at Dekalb B.Sc. Computer Science
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    Uni. of Shanghai B.Sc. Computer Science.

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    "ga ga ga..."
Our goal

To bring latest news, information and entertainment to you, to provide an open mic to you.

Our success

To have you participate as a passive and/or active reader to share your thoughts, views on life, politics and all. Share your music, videos, articles, blogs, anything you please to share.

Our "Quote"

"Be all what you want to be, and let others too"
World is a beautiful pallette full of colors. Different species of animals add a contrastive colors to this pallatte while different religion, ethnicity, culture, language etc add pleasant shade of vibrant colors. We must preserve all shades to maintain the beauty of this world. Converging to one religion, one culture or one language exploits the purpose of our existence as who we are.